Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hot Diggity Dogs for the Fourth

Photos are from the Deseret News' Food Section.We've had company this week, one of my dearest friends Kimmarie from Philadelphia and her five kids. In between swimming, hiking and playing, we've been keeping up-just barely-with violin, tennis lessons, piano, violin, and my job. Just barely. I had some grandiose ideas for hot dogs that I was cooking up to share with you for the Fourth of July, but those ideas were nudged off the agenda. I was even going to make extraordinary (I hoped) hot dogs for Kimmarie and her gang, but instead she made my family grilled steak and baked potatoes, and marinated tomatoes instead. I could get used to coming home from work to a nice dinner. I can see why spouses like it so much.
I've been thinking that hot dogs are just about perfectly patriotic for the Fourth of July. They don't cost much, so you can feed the multitudes. They couldn't be faster, so you don't have to miss all the fun. You can customize them in a million different ways, so everyone is happy. You can a keep it simple for the kids with a squirt of ketchup, or make them high falutin' fancy for the adventurous crowd. That's how I like them-so full of fixings, that you could skip the dog (which I do, frankly. Frank-ly, ha! ) A friend of ours is starting a hot dog stand in Hawaii, and I've been working on secret sauces for him. So far this chicken wing sauce has been the favorite, but my tangy root beer barbecue sauce is a close second . I'm also workingon a spicy apricot simmer sauce that should go well on a dog, so I'll be sure to share if it turns out well.
This morning, the Des News ran an article about hot dogs with loads of marvelous variations.
Check it out and give it a try. Maybe I'll even get one made before the Fourth so I can share it with you.
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Tightwad Mom said...

I love grilling hot dogs in the summer (grilling them, not eating them). It so fast and easy, and the kids will always eat without complaining (a miracle, in itself!)
Your sweet and sticky sauce sounds divine!!BjaN490

The Japanese Redneck said...

Yes, coming home to a good meal already prepared is wonderful.

We eat lots of dogs, but tend to eat them the same way everytime.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for featuring my Des News Food section on your blog! It was a fun photo shoot, and even more fun when the staff came down to the test kitchen to polish off the leftovers. The Tangy Root Beer Sauce sounds like a great 4th of July condiment. Valerie Phillips

Catherine said...

Those hot dogs look surprisingly good. I don't know when the last time I had a hot dog was, but those pictures are tempting me. I think I'll find a delicious looking rustic bun and leave the hot dog out. =D

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