Monday, June 21, 2010

Cinnamon Swirl Bread

We had such a funtabulous weekend. I was really expecting it to be rather quiet, since we're having a rare lull between summer visitors. Usually we catch up on work and chores, balance checkbooks and weed gardens, and other unpleasantries when we are without guests. This weekend, we chucked all the mundane stuff out the window, and just had a great time. On Friday night, we went to a late showing of Toy Story 3. I love the excitement and anticipation of late night shows on opening day. We liked Toy Story 3 so much that we didn't even finish our bucket of popcorn-and that's saying alot for my snacky family. This groovy tiger stole the show. Hiya, Kennie. I never had Ken or any Barbies, but my friend Julie L. used to pack a giant suitcase full of boy and girl Barbies when she came for a sleepover. We had a great time UNTIL I accidentally dropped her Barbie furcoat in her Barbie pool. That was the end of that. Sorry, Julie L. But the movie was marvelous, and I can recommend it without reservation for kids from 1 to 92.
On Saturday,the kids had a lemonade stand and brought in a cool ten dollars. Sailor claims she did most of the work and should probably get more than half of the ten, since West mostly just ran around with neighborhood boys, putting ice cubes down each other's shirts. It's hard to be an ant when your little brother is a grasshopper.
We swam in the afternoon, rode bikes around the neighborhood, and then built a fire in the backyard and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. You might as well set up a tent and play Uno, if you're going to pretend to camp. This tent it 26 years old and smells like the Scout Jamboree, but that kind of thing doesn't bother you until you hit middle age, I think. But it is a good place to hide and wrap Father's Day gifts. Father's Day is a feasting day- I made a grilled steak with a maple chili butter that is pure heaven, but that's another post for another day. The Quiet Man ate well, opened gifts, and had a nap and the charges only got in 12.6 arguments, instead of their usual 32.9, in honor of Dad's special day. What more could a father want? How about cinnamon swirl bread?
Well, whaddya know, we've got some right here. This yummy swirled bread was my Tuesdays with Dorie assignment last week, so you've got to click here to get the recipe. I left out the raisins, since my kids act like they might be poisonous. It was delicious fresh and hot out of the oven, but even better as toast. And even even even better as cinnamon toast.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend and Father's Day.
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Heidi said...

We took the kids to see Toy Story 3 too and loved it... I'm a big ninny and cried though :) I don't care much for 3-d because it gives me a headache, but the movie is great!
I would love a slice of this bread for breakfast. YUM :)

Sassy Lassies Vintage Life said...

I make cinnamon swirl bread a Christmas each year (no raisins) and it is my kids favorite...they are now in their mid and late 20's and it is not Christmas without it. Funny, as good as it is I never make it any other time of year. I guess that is why it is so special when I DO make it.

Wendyfmckinley said...

I only got to see half of toy story, my 3 year old Ben was freaked out by buzz getting tied up.

The Japanese Redneck said...

The bread looks delicious.

My hubby and I want to see the movie. But, we'll probably wait until it comes out on dvd.

Catherine said...

Your weekend sounds like it was so much fun. We haven't seen Toy Story yet, but we're hoping to this week.

I was allowed to have Barbie dolls but no Ken dolls. =D

The bread looks delicious and I have to agree with Sailor and West about the raisins.

Julie Harward said...

That is a cute movie! I love the cin. bread favorite! Come say hi :D

Courtney said...

I took my littles (2 and 4) to go see the Friday matinee and we all LOVED it. I heard all the adults laugh just as much, if not more, than the kids. And of course I was crying my eyes out. Amazing how Pixar can make you feel those strong human emotions for toys. And I agree, Ken stole the show. Where was he for movies 1 and 2?
Can't wait to give this cinnamon bread a try. Although the color of your bread looks like you used some whole wheat to share your changes?

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

That bread looks amazing! Another job well done!

The Renouf Family said...

Very funny about the semi-reduced arguments on father's day. It felt like that over here, too. And I like the idea of camping over Father's Day weekend. Maybe a new tradition?
We made your bengal beef skewers and everyone loved them.
All the carnivorous children sat around eating them off the skewers like cavemen. Pretty funny. How did I end up with such hungry little meat eaters?
Thanks for the recipes. Holidays just wouldn't be the same without you!

kayleejenn said...

Wow Prudy what a great great recipe. I will have to tell my younger brother Tyrell that toy story 3 is out! he has been waiting for a very very long time. I just love cinnimon toast so I might have to make it:)

Tightwad Mom said...

Your weekend sounded great, and the bread looks divine! Thanks for sharing!

Seth and Julie said...

Just came back from Toy Story at the drive-in and I agree with Courtney's comment. We laughed more than the kids. The Toy Story movies are the BEST, and that's saying something because I watch about 1 movie a year, at most.

I also agree with your kids about raisins. Why do they still make raisins?

Also, we made your beef skewers for Fathers Day and they were a hit. My little guy was so happy to see an all meat (as in no veggies) kabob. They were perfect. You know, I never make a weekly menu anymore without trying at least one new Prudy recipe, and there is always at least one repeat Prudy offering on my menu as well. Thanks for introducing us to so many yummy new meals!

Shelley said...

We haven't seen TS3 yet, but it's on our summer list - last weekend I hooked up the VHS player & we dusted off TS & TS2. Great fun! My two (now 13 & almost 16) grew up with Buzz & Woody - Kevin was Buzz 3 years in a row for Halloween! And I grew up with Barbie, Ken and the gang - still have them all except Allan who I lent to a friend in high school to use for a float and she never returned him - sigh, he was sooo cute!

My two LOVE Cinnamon swirl (no raisins, either) - this will be on our list to make this summer vacation.

And- thought of you as we bought a can of Serendipity's frozen hot malted chocolate for Father's Day - hope it's as good as the real thing! Thank you for telling us about that spot!

Shelley said...

P.S. - The Serendipity can was purchased at Williams-Sonoma - never knew they made it for them!

Prudy said...

You are right-I did use half whole wheat. I also used only a smidge of the butter it called for. I'll add that to my post. If it's going to be really decadent, it ought to be a cinnamon roll-not cinnamon bread, don't you think? Anyway, it's yummy with all the changes!

Prudy said...

Oh, darn! You missed it. Would it be crazy to go back and see it on a date night? I'd do it!

Michal said...

What a great weekend with your family. Love the pictures of your kids. We haven't seen TS3 yet, but we will-- definitely. And I never had Barbies either. My mom was opposed to her impossible figure!

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