Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Love Thy Neighbor...with Pretty Sweets

Do you know how I decide what to give the neighbors for Christmas? For me, it's all about packaging. Last year, I found these little red boxes from Martha Stewart at Walmart. They had four compartments inside, so I made four different treats, including the world's easiest fudge and English Toffee.
Then I sent the Quiet Man and his posse off for delivery. Check.
This year I went back for more beautiful red boxes, but there were none to be had. Isn't that the way it always works when you find something you love?
But I did find these fun Christmas tree baking pans.
It is a foregone conclusion that on a chilly December night, everyone on planet earth on would like a warm cinnamon roll, frosted in creamy maple icing. When I'm done baking, I never ever deliver the goods. It would be like an author peeking over the shoulder of an editor reading his latest manuscript. I'm completely smitten with whatever I just baked, and I'm afraid I'd even hold on to my creation a bit too long, and stare longingly as I gave it away. So it's probably better if I stay home licking the spatula, in the kitchen, where I truly belong. My delivery team was at the ready. And every one of my neighbors got warm, fresh cinnamon rolls. They were all home. Isn't that a Christmas miracle?
Next Up:
My Sister Michelle's Best Ever Sugar Cookies


The JR said...

Love your delivery team, they look like great helpers.

Staying at home and licking the spatula sounds like a hard job too!

Seth and Julie said...

Ooooh, I wish we were neighbors! Yummy!

Dell Miller, Owner said...

I did the same thing, loved the boxes and then could not find anymore, what a let down....

Julie Harward said...

As I took my Bundt cakes out (22 of them) we found all doors open, so if someone wasn't home, we just set it inside the door! We live in such a place where as we take treats out, we want to give to each and every home. Your treats look wonderful!! Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS..Come say hi :D

Unknown said...

I wish so badly that I was your neighbor! They look delicious and so creative in the baking pan!

Prudy said...

No fair!I already wrote a speech about how to make those same cookies !Oh,and,uh.....can we make some today?=D Sailor

gigi said...

Awesome! You're the best Prudy.
Merry Christmas.

Melanie said...

Last night I delivered 1/2 gallon Christmas tins to my neighbors. They were filled with delicious maple brown sugar popcorn... Thanks for the recipe!

Maria said...

Love the treats! Happy Holidays!

Aunt Spicy said...

I'll be your neighbor any day! Hope you have an amazing Christmas!

Katie and Mark said...

Thanks Aunt Prudy! We delivered your fucge to our neighbors a couple days ago, but we did not have as much luck as you-e e to do our second round of deliveries tonight for the neighbors we missed! :)

I also made "Cake Pops" to deliver today. Have you tried these? They re easy nd delicious!

Unknown said...

Geez, looks like I need to move to your neighborhood! I guess I could make those myself, but I don't think they would taste as good unless they were in a cute tree pan :)

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

I had some of those boxes too and now they are nowhere to be found. I really should have stocked up! I'm glad you found a replacement, well sort of. I love how you describe your delightful baked goods and treats as an author would his words. Great!

Merry Christmas!

Adrienne said...

Wow that is so cute :) Maybe less work than making four different kind of treats? Looking forward to the cookies!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and tasty gift for your neighbors. You are right. Who can resist a cinnamon roll?

TeaLady said...

You are awesome to do all this.

Marie Rayner said...

oh why oh why do I have to live so far away!! What lucky neighbours you have Erin!!

Anonymous said...

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