Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dear Santa:

I'm up to my codos (don't worry-it just means elbows in spanish) in tamales-think sweet and spicy chicken, red chile beef, cheese &green chiles- so stay tuned. I've also got a powerful craving for English Toffee popcorn, so I'd better get a batch going before I swab down the kitchen. If you stick around, I'll tell you all about it later today.
In the meantime, here is the Pennywise household wishlist:For the six year old young gov'ner:
An amazing (or so it seems on youtube) do-it-yourself toothbrush head turned simple robot,And a cool game of billiards, sharky style.For the eight year old lady in waiting:
A rainbow set of calligraphy pens, to beautify schoolwork.

And the complete set of Calvin and Hobbes, for when schoolwork is done.For the rugged, yet intellectual and gray-around-the-temples Quiet Man:And for the thirty something lady of the house:
Definitely this
Maybe thisAnd I'd be willing to forego any other gift to save for a trip for four to here:
What's on your wishlist?


Kizi said...

Dear Santa,
I would love this however if that's not feasible I'll be happy with one just one of these...

The JR said...

Those are pretty good wish list items.

Wish List: new camera or a nice show horse that does patterns

so Spiffy April Marie said...

Love the pens and the dress... what are you plans this holiday...

gigi said...

Cute, good luck.

Michal said...

thanks for sharing your wish list. my boys mostly asked for legos with some "spy stuff"; bronwen is still easy and just wants a doll and some "food for my doll". oh, and pink legos. jared? he went with boring requests this year and asked for clothes and CDs, but i am itching to surprise him with a new TV. my list is, as usual, long and various. basically, i'm pleased with practically anything and everything they might choose to give me.

crabigail adams said...

Oh, Prudy!

I DO hope you are more successful than I about getting your Europe trip -- Mr. Adams spent two years living in Rome when he was 19, and I have wanted to visit England and France since childhood. Twice I have made reservations, booked plane tickets and made plans, and twice I was foiled. My first trip was October 11, 2001, the week we invaded Afghanistan -- my traveling companions dropped like flies out of that trip through the week, and I didn't feel good about traveling alone. Then Mr. Adams and I set up a trip for four to London last year, the financial crash happened, and so many of our family and friends were out of work. We couldn't put our finger on why, but we felt it would be in bad taste to take a fabulous trip at that time. Turned out, we would have been in Central London for the G8 conference and riots.

I am destined only to WANT to go to Europe...!

Anonymous said...

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