Friday, June 6, 2008

Food and Furthermore: V

Hey Folks! Last week we had about 2,000 readers on Prudence Pennywise. Keep a comin' and tell your kin! Leave a comment once in while, too. And call your mother.
I've been on a work/family vacation trip this past week. Maybe you didn't notice because I've been a posting-obsessed food blogger through it all. Excuse me, is my mania showing? Thank goodness for hotel Internet and digital cameras. We visited three museums, various restaurants, a candy store, an ice cream parlor, and did some shopping (2 dresses-good thing I pinch food pennies). I squeezed in an early morning run each day, a couple times on a beautiful riverside trail. Usually when I go on vacation, I'm an incompatible mix of exercise sloth and food hound. Maybe I should reward my tenacity with some cheesecake.
Furthermore, we were also able to visit some family members that lived nearby, like Aunt Marilyn. If you recall from the Garlic Chive Fettucini post, Aunt Marilyn is a queen gardener and she sent me home with bags of fragrant fresh herbs. Before we left, she asked about making mint syrup, and I promised to post a recipe. (Scroll down, Aunt Marilyn)
And furthermore, I've got a new E is for Excellent blog award from my cooking contest buddy, Tracy over at RahCha Chow. Aw, shucks! Blog Awards are the best-they're not breakable and require no dusting and they make me look good without having to put on any mascara.

Which brings me to my PRESSING QUESTION... If your speakers are on, the minute you arrive at Prudence Pennywise, you can hear the cheery and smooth retro voice of Gracie Fields, singing her little heart out, day in and day out. Originally, I thought the music would make a great theme song for my blog; it captures the feeling of an optimistic, yet thrifty, time in modern history with lyrics that are dedicated to food. Not just any food, but food that you prepare for whomever happens to come on by. What could be better? Except...

After a few days of good spirits, mild irritation set in, so I reached over and shut off my speakers. But someone kept turning them back on (kids-the repetition lovers). At 5:30 AM when I'd come to make a new post, bubbly music would blast into my grouchy ears. At midnight, when I'd sneak out of bed to do a little editing, there was Gracie again, offering me that same old cake again. I love her, but maybe we need to start seeing other people.
So here's the Pressing Question: What should we do about the music?
A) Keep the music. I pull out my old tap dancing outfits and sing along.
B) I'll keep my speakers off, so do whatever you want. Peace. Love.
C) Get if off now, you young whippersnapper. All that optimism is bringing me down.
D) What music? I'm stone cold deaf and here for the grub.
Leave your opinion in the comment section. Now here's the food:
Mint Syrup
Estimated Cost: $3.00-cheaper if you can get your herbs from Aunt Marilyn's backyard.
Notes: Any variety of mint will work here, but for the traditional, strong, cool flavor, stick with peppermint.
1 cup sugar
1 cup water
1 and 1/2 cups peppermint leaves
a drop of green food coloring, if desired
Boil all ingredients for five minutes in a small saucepan. Strain, cool and transfer to a jar. Store in the refrigerator.
Now here's what you can do with your syrup
Drizzle it over Fresh Fruit
Make Mint Lemonade
Add a couple tablespoons to hot fudge
Whip up some Minted whip Cream
Grind ice for a mint snow cone
Crank out some homemade mint chip ice cream
Coming Tomorrow
Father's Day Menu and Shopping List


Allison said...

Yea! The mint is growing like crazy in my garden (I didn't even plant it! The previous owner planted it last year and it came back.) Anyway, just yesterday I picked a bunch of it and decided that I really needed to figure out how to use for something other then a pretty garnish. I can't wait to try this recipe. Thanks

Leslie said...

Your minty lemonade looks delicious.
I love icy, cold drinks. It reminds me of the mint juleps at Disneyland.
As for the music, we still love it. I'm not tired of it at all, and feel happy, and snappy when I hear it.
Whoever is nearby and hears it always start singing, too.
It's such a fun song. I say keep it.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know this was so easy to make...will have to try it! Thanks!

One question - how long does it last in the fridge? Is it one of those things you make and then have to eat mint-flavoured stuff for a week, until everyone is tired of it and requests that you wait at least a year before making it again? Or can it sit there for awhile...

Prudy said...

Syrups have very long lifes, since sugar is an effective preservative. It will keep for at least six months. We'll be having mint hot chocolate at Christmas time-if it lasts that long.
Another yummy way to drink it is with cherry grenadine syrup, mint syrup, 7UP and lots of ice. It won't last long if you get hooked on those!

Patti said...

Mint lemonade. YUM.

re: the music. C. Please make it go away. I hit the mute button when I open your blog. It was OK the first time, but any music that starts automatically gets tedious and annoying.

Anonymous said...

The music doesn't come on until I reach the bottom of the page. So I try really hard not to scroll down that far.

Lamchops said...

Keep the music I love the nostalgic flair.

Anonymous said...

KEEP THE MUSIC!!!!! my son and i cleaned our downstairs while dancing along. he's 9. that says a lot. we love it.

Rebecca said...

The music does bring back the tap dancing memories...but I hate to admit I keep my speakers off 90% off the time, so it won't matter to me what music is playing.

Anonymous said...

Prudy, Prudy, Prudy,
Keep the music! We LOVE it! My three year old is always singing "if I knew you were coming I'd have baked a cake!" And I love it! It's such a fun song! On the rare occasions, that I'm not in the mood for it, I just scroll down to your playlist and pause it. Piece of Cake! Please don't take it off. I listened to your music late last night, while preparing cupcakes for a birthday party, and it was soo much fun. It kept me going! AND I was watching jeoparday last week and I can't remember what the question was (or is it the answer?) but I knew the answer and the reason I knew was because of your blog the answer (or question?) was, What is the Big Rock Candy Mountain. So your music is entertaining and educational! Keep it!

Oh yes, we can't wait to make homemade lemonade with your mint syrup. It looks so cool and refreshing!

And congratulations on your blogging award. You really are amazing!

And please, please, please keep your music! My answer is definitely AAAAAA!

Emiline said...

That's kind of funny - I was going to write a comment that I had my volume up on my speakers, and the music came on and scared the crap out me.
So, I guess I would have to say, C, but in a nicer way. Because I actually like the music...very catchy.
Maybe you could feature music from time-to-time? Like if a post had a certain "theme"?

I could make a mean mojito with this syrup.

taffi said...

I love the songs. My 3 yo son loves to sing along, too. If I come by late at night (like now) or if I'm re-reading the archives and the songs start to wear on me, I can always hit mute. I love the feeling of your whole blog, and the music really ties it all together.

Michal said...

i like the music. but it may irritate other readers. i guess if you want to be more friendly to all, you should do away with it. but i find it to be charming. and the mint lemonade looks delightful.
congrats on having so many readers. you deserve it. this is a great blog, my friend!