Monday, May 26, 2008

Penny Wise Tip

Corn on the Cob
(This tip came from Meredith Oppenlander, my magical first grade teacher, and my generous mentor teacher when I became a first grade teacher twenty years later.)
Aren't you going to be making bushels of corn on the cob this summer? I sure will be; it's a kid favorite at my house. If you're making for a huge crowd, you're going to want a mammoth pot of water for boiling the corn. But, if you're only making a few ears at a time, make it in the microwave. It's much faster than boiling water, it saves a pot of water, pot washing (Hallelujah), and it saves energy-which is the same as saving pennies, my friends.
Simply husk the corn, put it in a microwave safe dish (pie plate, 9 by 13, 2 quart casserole), add about 1/4 inch water, cover it tightly with saran wrap, zap it for five minutes, then let it rest for five. You'll have perfectly cooked, juicy corn. Dry the corn off with a dish towel and use a pastry brush to lightly coat it with butter and sprinkle with salt and pepper. No one will ever know that it wasn't boiled in a pot, and only you will be the wiser. And the pennywiser.
Coming Tomorrow:
Pecan Honey Sticky Buns
(My First Post as a Member of "Tuesdays with Dorie" Baking Club)


Anonymous said...

I never knew you could do corn on the cob in the microwave! My kids love corn and I cqcaan't wait to make it for them in the microwave!

Leslie said...

I had no idea you could cook it in the microwave and have it taste just the same. We all love corn on the cob over here, but especially Mallory.
We can't wait to try it.

Prudy said...

Catte and Leslie:
Thanks for the comments. Give it a try for the love of Miss Riddle. Yes, Mallory does love corn, almost as much as a farmyard chicken. I remember when Holly and Mallory were little and I used to offer to make them anything in the world they wanted to eat. The number one request? Corn. Number two? French Fries. Maybe I was a nicer aunt than I am mother.

Leah said...

Good call on the microwave idea...I always hate to heat up the kitchen on a hot summer day with a big ol' pot of boiling water for just a few ears...great idea! I'll be trying it in July when corn in Wisconsin is at its best!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the tip. Never knew that!

Sophie said...

I've always wondered about throwing corn in the cob in the microwave. Yours look mighty tasty, wish I could take a bite! I'll have to try this out this weekend, I'll let you know how it turned out :).

P.S. I like your blog too, the vintagey look never goes out of style :D.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

This is good to know for the times when I just want to sneak an ear or two for myself while the kids nap. Otherwise we always have to boil up a big potfull to feed our corn lovin' gang.