Monday, May 5, 2008

Best of the Week; Food and Furthermore

Cinco De Mayo was our first grilling day of the year. More to come, my friends, much much more to come.....Yes, the food was muy muy buena this Cinco de Mayo, but my two little muchachos in their giant sombreros were awful cute, too. You just can't be in a bad mood when you are wearing a giant sombrero. Maybe I'll put one on next time I'm grouchy.

The two men in my life went on a Father-Son campout this weekend and my little cowboy got to catch a fish with his Daddy.
Someone at the campout made some homemade rootbeer that froze overnight. In the morning, my little cowboy snuck out of his tent and.....

...dug right in. Can you see his lightsabers in the background? He never travels without them. You never know when you might run into Vader or Palpatine, and you can't run the risk of being unprepared. Not when so many people are depending on you.
While the men were braving the wilds and snacking on frozen root beer and lake trout, my little girl and I went to an Osmond Brothers concert. Yep, those Osmonds. (We got free tickets from our lovely, generous neighbors.) Jimmy even snuck out of the audience and shook hands with my girl. You know, they were actually toe-tappingly wonderful and talented and just plain entertaining. And some great news for me: a generous compliment, in the form of a blog award, has been bestowed by fellow blogger Camilla Saulsbury of Enlightened Cooking.
Camilla has a dizzying array of talents, including being a stellar competitive cook and cookbook author, sociology professor, mother, and fitness instructor. Perhaps most impressive of all her culinary feats, she has managed to create a truly healthy chocolate ganache. Check out her blog for proof. The idea of this particular blog award is to pass it on, so I'm hoping to do that very soon...just as soon as I can figure out how to do it....

To Come this Week: Cinco De Mayo leftover remakes and Mother's Day Recipes


Allison said...

Yea! I just found your blog. I can't wait to try out some of your yummy recipes.

Your babies are growing up. I can't believe how much your little lady looks like you.

Your little "cowboy" is already creating new recipes. Rootbeer slushy is the first in his cookbook.

Anonymous said...

How cute were your kids in the sombreros! I wish we had real ones! I'm loving all your recipes, keep them coming!

Lisa said...

The kids are adorable and thanks for all the great Mexican recipes! It is funny because when I hear the song on your site, it sticks with me for the rest of the day :)

Camilla said...

Your little ones are so cute, Prudy! Prudy's cuties :)

You so deserve the award, woman!

Oh, I made the beans last Friday (from your Cinco de Mayo menu)--so good! Ok, I'll admit really is worth making the beans from scratch.

Jenny said...

Glad your little cuties had fun on their camp trip, they are adorable! Your recipe looks terrific too!

Michal said...

it is such a relief to know that there are other little jedis out there. that way, when mine are sleeping, someone else can be on the watch for emperor palpatine.

yum. frozen rootbeer. my favorite.

Prudy said...

We make rootbeer granita on purpose. I'm going to make it on my blog and credit West for his recipe.
Your homemade somberos and flower wreaths were cuter. Ours are from the dollar store.
I know what you mean about the music. My kids love it, but I must admit that it is wearing on me....
Camilla: I'm so glad you made the beans. They're a big plain but they go so well with all the other big! bold! flavors.
I bet your boys had a great time on their Father-son, too. It's such a great tradition.
I thought of you when I snapped the sombrero pic. Remember those nights in our Singletree apt. with your giant sombrero dances to James Taylor's "Mexico?" Hilarious!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Oooo, I've never thought of making homemade rootbeer while camping. Now I really want to go camping!!!

Congrats on the award.