Monday, May 19, 2008

Food and Furthermore III

Coming Tomorrow....Memorial Day Menu and Shopping List
Years ago, a little baby girl was born. Pink, pretty, and sugary sweet. But as of last week, she is seven. Pink, pretty, and sugary sweet-with a little bit of independent spice. We're just crazy about her. Even though she made that big mess on the counter.
Because we bake almost everything from scratch, for an extra special birthday treat, she USED to ask for a boxed cake mix. It practically killed me. She wanted a colorful funfetti cake, just like all the other kids (and grown-up, kid-at-heart Uncle Jack). But now she is seven and she knows better. For the first time this year she asked pretty please for homemade chocolate cupcakes with homemade chocolate frosting. It was a proud moment. I used the Devil's Food Cake recipe from The New Joy of Cooking. Make them only if you have more than an hour and you don't mind washing numerous bowls and dishes AND you love seriously, seriously good cupcakes.
Notice the tennis themed cupcakes for the party. We used the colored vanilla melts and piped the shapes onto waxed paper. These ones were for the grown ups.

This is what my little girl wanted for her birthday.
A Hawaiian, Don Ho, pearly shells, pineapple princess, purple ukulele. Now I can't keep my hands off of the darn thing. It's so fun and so easy to play and I can pretend I'm at a luau. Why am I paying money for violin and piano lessons? Forget it kids! Take up the ukulele and let's all be beach bums together.
Furthermore and speaking of expensive lessons, both of my children had a violin performance at an old folk's home.
During the performance, one of the spunky elderly gentleman shouted out, "Is that little boy for sale?" Nope. He's mine and you should have heard him play "Orange Blossom Special." On second thought, I think I really am getting my money's worth.

It's time to pass the baton for the Arte y Pico Award
Leah at A Corner of My Kitchen. I don't just envy her kitchen. I also want dinner at her house every night. I could even bring my kids! The food is fabulous and family friendly.
Veronica at Supermarket Serenade. Take a look at her blog before you buy something new at the market. She'll let you know what's best to buy and what to do with it when you get home.
Lisa at Jersey Girl Cooks. Lisa shares thoughts, insights, tips, and recipes in her creative cooking adventures.
Jenny at Picky Palate creates yummy and easy original recipes guaranteed to please even the pickiest eaters
Camilla at Enlightened Cooking. Her brilliant ideas for healthy cooking are bright, fresh, and original. You'll be making mousse, ganache, cheesecake, and cookies-and you're still going to fit in your jeans.


Jenny said...

Thanks Prudy! I am so glad you are blogging, it's always fun stopping in here to see your great recipes!

Veronica said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet one! And many thanks for the award and for the happy song your blog leaves me humming!

Lisa said...

Thank you so much for the award. Your pictures are just darling. And the kiddies look just like you. Can't wait to see your Memorial Day menu!

Leslie said...

I love that picture of Sailor. It makes me want to take one just like it. I love all the colors and her tiara and the little ring on her finger.
Can you believe she is seven years old? Mine is seven too, and it almost breaks my heart. I tell her everyday I wish she was 3 years old driving around with me being my little cheeseburger buddy.

Annie Laurie and Erin Leigh now want a ukulele, too.
Maybe we can get one during Family Reunion.
I love reading your blog, and can't wait to get mine going. Catte was so nice and helped all day to get me started.
Also, I swear I thought that was you on The Family blog in the blue bathing suit. All my kids thought so, too.
It looked just like you!

Leah said...

Oh my gosh Prudy, you're an amazing cook AND a total sweetheart!

The last time I was awarded for anything it was when I got Reserve Grand Champion for my brownies in the County Fair when I was 10...and we're coming up on the 30 year anniversary of that this time flies!

I am partial to those tennis cupcakes....might have to repeat them for my daughter's 8th bday this August.

Thanks again for the award! xoxo Leah

Leah said...

Prudy, pardon me for being a ding-a-ling, because I SOOOOOO appreciate the award, but how do I get it to go on my blog?

Now all you fancy schmancy bloggers out there know the truth: Leah is a total computer ignoramus.

I should take a class. Seriously.

Prudy said...

I didn't know how to cut and paste my first award either. I had to call me saavy sister Heidi. Use your mouse to right click on the picture of the award; then just save it as a document. Then you can pass the baton to five other blogs that you enjoy.
You have an amazing blog and I just love everything you cook. You must have good taste and good taste.

Anonymous said...

the kids look adorable! I love the tablecloth! We can't wait to see you this weekend!

Mary Kate said...

Happy Birthday dear Sailor!Sailor, everyone was so happy when you were born. The first baby upon your parent's ship o' dreams. You were such a beautiful baby and now a beautiful accomplished little girl. Happy birthday!The cupcakes look delighhful and your nails look fabulous too Prudy! Pretty good days work!

Tracy said...

Orange Blossom Special? Are you serious? I hate when little kids make me feel inferior. Anyway, your kids are gorgeous!