Monday, November 15, 2010

Tune in for Donuts

Post Edit: As it turns out, I like being on TV much, much more than I like watching myself on TV. Cringe. Here's the link.
Good mornin'. I am in Salt Lake City making my very favorite donuts for this. If you are in Utah, you can watch at 11:00. I'll post a link later, but only if I don't set anything on fire or burp on live TV. And since I'm still in my pajamas, I don't know if I forgot anything vital this time. I'll let you know.
PS Thanks for all of the Happy Birthday wishes. Henceforth I shall be 30 something no longer. It's 29 from here on out.


gigi said...

Good Luck!

Leslie said...

I can't wait to watch. Good luck, have fun, and I know you'll be cool as a cucumber. Just like always.

Julie Harward said...

I just turned it on!!! ;D

Julie Harward said...

I just watched it...You were great Erin...and the donuts looks fabulous! ;D

Tightwad Mom said...

Good luck on your appearance! I Happy "29th" Unbirthday (again)!

Anonymous said...

You were so great. I found the link and watched. Really you are better than the hosts on those shows. It is only a matter of time before Food Network discovers you. You really should be the next food network star!

Catherine said...

You were absolutely amazing. You are such a natural. Why don't you have your own show?

The donuts looks delicious. I love that recipe!

Leslie said...

I just watched the show.
You did great. You always do.
I love that you talked about our pesky little brother and his donut cutter, and the book you read for his birthday. Could you have Roy on the show with you someday? How about a No Bake Cookie Session?
I'm with Catherine and am wondering when will you have your own show.
It's time!
Even Julie and Valerie said you should be The Next Food Network Star. We think you could be The Next Star of Anything Star!

Bill Bird said...


You're a star! The video is posted up online girl! You must LINK TO IT! My God! I had no idea! You're gorgeous! How can you make all of that fried goodness and still be a knockout? It's no wonder that all men love you -- and all women want to be you.

Prudy said...

Oh man, Bill, you made my day! I don't deserve it, but I don't care. Thanks for giving me a huge boost that should last all year!

Prudy said...

Catte and Les,
I think you two are biased, and thank goodness. What would I do without my biased family members' good opinions? I'd probably have had no confidence at all had I been an only child.

Tanji said...

Love it!! Here are some of my observations:
~You are beautiful and hilarious!!
~Your hands are pretty.
~I have those bracelets, but I can't seem to fit them over my "man hands".
~I love your clothes!
~If I didn't already know you, after watching this clip I would stalk you and make you be my friend. You are that cool.
~I love your laugh - it's contagious!
~donuts are yummy.
~and . . . I miss you.

The Japanese Redneck said...

You did a great job!

Michelle said...

I loved it, you were great!!!

Michal said...

everything Tanji said:)

zhengbin said...

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