Monday, November 29, 2010

The Stats...

4 (20 lb) turkeys
1 (15 lb.) ham
30 lbs of potatoes
4 lbs of sweet potatoes
5 lbs. or corn
5 lbs of green beans
1 lb. cranberry sauce
15 quarts of gravy
4 (9 by 13) dishes of stuffing
12 dozen rolls
3 pumpkin cheesecakes
1 pecan pie
1 apple pie
1 raspberry pie
1 pumpkin pie
2 ice cream cakes
60 guests for the weekend
And it's all gone. (Except for a few of the guests and they are packing up as I write.) There is a lot to do before the dinner and during the dinner and after the weekend. But there is even more to do on Monday morning after a holiday. Time to get cracking.
Here's a few pictures of my favorite parts of the weekend. Hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving.


The Japanese Redneck said...

That was a whole lot of food!

Katie and Mark said...

That was SO much fun! Thanks for all your hard work. By the way, I love the picture of Grayson. :)

Tightwad Mom said...

I think you should get your Betty Crocker merit badge, for sure, after a weekend like that! You are my hero!!!!!! It looks like you had an amazing time; which makes it all worth it.

Catherine said...

It really was delicious! What a day! Next year I think we might just need 10 pounds of corn. =D Thanks for all of your hard work.

Catherine said...

PS I love all of the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you made a lot of food for everybody, and you even had time to do your daughters hair in a braid atop her head. Amazing.

Michal said...

love sailor's pilgrim costume:) i really hope that you had lots and lots and lots of help and didn't have to be the little red hen. looks wonderful and makes me glad i was only cooking for 18 (and had lots of help at that.)Glad you got to spend the weekend with your favorite people.

Prudy said...

Michal-do not fear! I did very little, far less than I probably should of. Maybe my family is finally getting a handle on these big parties. We divvied up the food pretty well and the dishes were done in minutes. Roy is the dishwashing expert. I might come to your house next year for Thanksgiving with 18, uh make that 22.

Kerrie said...

Way to go, our affair of 4 people was also a success but on a much smaller scale. Thanks again for the the hotline.