Friday, August 6, 2010

The Essence of Summer Sandwiches

Post Edit: I made one of these for my little sister Heidi-and she says it's her new favorite food in the world. How's that for an endorsement? When it is hot and the days are long....
When it is hot and the days are long and the kids are bored and sweaty....
When it is hot and the days are long and the kids are bored and sweaty, and the air is so heavy that even my brain is working on slow motion.....I don't feel much like cooking.
Except I always want this...
And this, too.
It's easy-it's got to be or I wouldn't make it right now.
It's delicious-it's got to be or I wouldn't make it right now.
It's fast-it's got to be or I wouldn't make it right now.
It's cheap (about $5 for the whole thing; cheaper if you've got a garden)-or I wouldn't make it ever. (Well, maybe once in a while.)
You should make it too, since it tastes like the long, hot summer. (In the best kind of way.)
Make some basil mayonnaise by chopping up handfulls of fresh basil and combining it with mayo (or Greek yogurt) and minced garlic. Spread it on wheat French bread.
Top it with sliced garden tomatoes, mozzarella (fresh-if it's on sale), and baby greens. (Add a little ham if you have those kind of people around who don't believe that it can be dinner without it. I married one of those people, but he hasn't suffered. Much.) Put it on a plate (paper, please!) and go sit on the patio. When you get hot, come back in and make another sandwich. The end. Next Up:
Cubed Steak Parmesan from Food on the Table


Catherine said...

I just got home from the market and now I have to back! I didn't buy basil, a baguette, or fresh mozzarella cheese. How could I be so foolish

Aunt Spicy said... had me at fresh basil....

Michal said...

Kimball and I would love this. I just need to find a great recipe for gluten free bread. I've found muffins, pancakes, scones, but haven't come across anything good enough for bread yet. We do have plenty of basil and tomato in the garden, so this would be practically free!!! Mouth watering . . .

Prudy said...

I'm convinced that this would still be good without the bread. Could you make it on a savory pancake? I think it would be delicious on a brown rice patty, too.

FoodontheTable said...

That looks delicious! I think I might have one of those for lunch!

The Japanese Redneck said...

That's a good endorsement!

Looks like a great sandwich for those hot days.

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