Monday, May 10, 2010

Simple Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Did you have a Happy Mother's Day? Mother's Day is a day that is happy but also a little bit sad. I love the charges, but without my permission they're getting bigger by the minute. They seem a little less mine and a little more independent every day. There are moments, like yesterday, when I watched Sailor putting on her socks, that I stop and remind myself that I used to do everything for her. And there were moments, like yesterday, when West decided that he no longer wears hats to church PERIOD, that I stop and remind myself that they are in charge of who they are more and more every day. They are mine forever, but they are ready to take over ownership of themselves, piece by piece, hour by hour, year by year. And that is why Mother's Day is a little bit sad. Sniff, sniff.
But it's also a happy day, because these adorable, naughty, independent, smart, sassy children are my greatest treasure and achievement. Still, I can't take any credit and I don't want any of the blame. I just love them. I stepped out of black and white and into technicolor the minute they arrived. I care about everything now, except what used to seem to matter. I care about the caterpillar on the sidewalk because I want to show it to them. I care about growing Bachelor Button flowers in the front planter, because they are intrigued by them. I care about Disney Princesses and Astro Boy, although I won't be sorry to say good-bye to them. I don't care that I didn't get my lipstick on this morning. I don't care that my lullabies are not sopranic arias. I don't care about the fact that my sunglasses have a lens that pop, because they don't care either. (Although, I suspect that'll change soon.) I'm doing my best to teach them to be kind, caring, educated, responsible little people. Most days I can see glimpses of those traits in embryo. I love them.. And I love being their mother.
Now, here's a recipe that the charges could just about do on their own for a quick Mother's Day dessert. The Quiet Man was going to post again, but I thought he had filled in for me enough over the course of the weekend. He's my best pinch hitter, no matter what it is I can't get to. So now, I'm pinch hitting for him, who was pinch hitting for me. It all works out somehow.
Melt some chocolate and clean and dry some strawberries. Holding by the stem, dip them in the chocolate one a time, swirling to coat. Place on a sheet of waxed paper and chill until set.
Chocolate-Covered Strawberries
$3-$4 for 12
a mug full of semi-sweet chocolate chips
clean, dry strawberries
Melt chocolate on low in microwave, stirring every 20-30 seconds. Dip strawberries and place on waxed paper until chocolate sets. Refrigerate until serving.
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Julie Harward said...


Allison said...

The strawberries look delicious! I have two boys aged 2 and 6 and i agree that they are growing up way, way to fast for my liking. Hubby jokes with them and pushes them down by the shoulders (gently!) to stop them from growing. To which they reply in chorus: No way dad, we are getting bigger!!!!!! Much laughter!

Tightwad Mom said...

One minute they are adorable little babies, the next they are going to Prom. Motherhood is a grand adventure! The strawberries are beautiful...who doesn't love chocolate covered fruit? P.S. I love your blog; it's fabulous!!!!!!

The JR said...

You have great kids. Hope you enjoyed your Mothers day.

Kaylee said...

Wow Prudy that is very easy to make! thanks for commenting on my blog to ;)...

Nickki said...

I can really relate to your post. My two little boys (aged 7 & 5) are growing up so fast right in front of my eyes. Motherhood is the most wonderful thing in the world but at the same time can be so bittersweet.
Those chocolate strawberries look wonderful! They are one of my children's favourite treats :-)

Christina said...

I love chocolate strawberries - yum! And the enchiladas look great too.

Unknown said...

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