Sunday, November 8, 2009

Just Three Things....

So much to tell you. And I don't even have your phone number, so here goes. Is it too soon to tell you that I love you? It is? All right, I'll try and hold it in for a little while longer.
First of all, thank you, dear readers for your DS advice. We're still undecided, but for now I can sleep at night knowing that West could possibly buy a DS and not necessarily be headed straight for juvy. Whatever we decide, we're proud of our creative and ambitious young man. It's good for him to know what success feels like.
Second, the Five Browns. I would even love just one Brown, but the five of them together is like Christmas morning at Daddy Warbuck's house. Incredible just doesn't do them justice. I told you I was going to break down and buy tickets for the charges, but you know what? They sold out! So now I have angst. Watch the five of them play the Flight of the Bumblebee and see why.
And last but not least, I really do heart you all. Remember how I was begging for votes for the French's recipe contest? Well, you did it! I'm an officially one of the 20 semi finalists. Thank you, dear readers. I still need help though. Purdy please with sugar on top, could you click here and vote for my recipe? French's will pick five semi finalists-the recipe with the most votes plus four others. I would hope to get invited on the merits of my recipe, but it never hurts to have some support, either. The picture of my cheery cherry chicken recipe should be uploaded tomorrow. Here's the link. Mine is lucky number seven. If you like another recipe, please vote for that one too. Two of my favorite cooking contest friends are semi finalists, too-Numbers 3 and 10.
And now, with that I will go take a crack at my to-do list, which includes planning a lecture on women's rights, flossing my teeth, and reading Robert Frost to the charges, who would probably rather be reading Calvin and Hobbes.
Much love,
PS Up Next
Golden Delicious Apple Crisp


Clumbsy Cookie said...

Off to vote for you! Good luck ma dear!

Aunt Spicy said...

Just voted! You are sure to make it to the semi-finals!

Anonymous said...

I like your site...I really do, but I'm going to have to stop visiting. The invasive pop-up adds are just way too distracting and disrespectful. Sorry, but I'm removing you from my bloglist.

Prudy said...

Thanks for letting me know. I'll take it into consideration. There is a way to turn on a pop blocker on your web browser, for future reference.
Anyway, thank you for taking the time to let me know. It's my goal to make it a pleasureable experience for my readers, so I'll be thinking about this issue today. Prudy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sending hearts my way. I will be sure to vote for you.

BTW, I don't understand your previous commentor's complaint about ads. Any ads that accompany your blog are small and non bothersome. I think you have done a great job keeping them to a minimum and still offering your fabulous, wonderful FREE recipes! For goodness sake!
All I have to say is THANK YOU!
(Some people will always find something to complain about)
Thanks again.
I love your site (ads and all).

Prudy said...

Thanks, anonymous number two. You've lifted my mood and for that I thank you and send many more hearts your way.

Catherine said...

Just voted! I love your blog and I would never in a million years consider the pop ups "invasive" or the adds "distracting". I agree with anonymous #2 - some people will find anything to complain about.

Perhaps your delicious recipes just aren't free enough for anonymous #1.

gigi said...

Yay! congratulations on getting a spot in the semi finals. I voted and I asked my friends to go and vote too. Hope it helps!

Thanks for all your wonderful recipes and really cute posts. they keep me coming back day after day :)

Kerstin said...

Congrats - I just voted - good luck!!

Anonymous said...

I find it very interesting that anonymous #1 claims that the pop ups are "disrespectful". It's nowhere near as disrespectful as leaving someone a rude anonymous comment!

I love your blog and your recipes! Keep up the good work!

Maybe anonymous #1 would like a refund for all the money he/she has spent on your FREE recipes!

Seth and Julie said...

Wow, sorry to see drama in your comments today. Don't take it personally, you can't win them all. Your blog is awesome. I have pop up blockers and I have never had any problems. I don't think anonymous meant to be rude, just informative, but negative feedback alwasy stings a little bit. I personally appreciate the time you put in to sharing your gift with all of us. You will remain on my blog list indefinitely. Keep it coming!

Seth and Julie said...

I mean "always"...darn clumsy fingers!

Also, I meant to say congrats on the top 20. I'll keep voting!

MK and Co. said...

To: The First Anonymous Commenter

The next time you are giving out free lessons in blog management you might want to consider taking a refresher course in blog etiquette. There you might find the all important and very respectful cardinal rule of never leaving rude anonymous comments on other people’s blogs.

To: Prudy

I have always found your blog charming and delightful. Thank you for all the wonderful free recipes.

Amanda said...

Ya know what's funny? I don't think I've ever seen a pop up on here. I'm willing to bet that Anonymous #1 had some sort of spyware on their computer but just doesn't realize it. Love your bloggy Erin (smooch)

Alisa Larson said...

I'd love to try this recipe. Are cherry preserves the same as a cherry jam or more like pie filling?

Prudy said...

It's like a cherry jam, but truthfully if I had preserves I'd use them rather than go buy something else. Good luck! It's really yummy.

Signs and Salvage said... cannot please everyone...even when you are giving free, wonderful recipes and tips! The good thing is that we all have a choice...and they chose to leave...which is probably for the best in the long run:) The good side brought a bunch of kudos & love your have adoring fans for sure:) I am thankful for you too!!!

Christina said...

I've never had a pop up ad here!

Maybe it's spyware, like another commenter added.

I also had a problem on my blog where advertisers were agreeing to their ad spaces, but hiding a code to create a pop up ad. I wasn't aware of it until I visited my own site to remind myself of a recipe. It took me two weeks of emails w/ my ad network to track it down and remove them! So, if Prudence does have pop ups for some of you, she might not even be aware of it!

Lyn said...

When I first came on the site, an ad that rolls down your page for a survey comes up. Honestly, I don't like those (and have been seeing way too many of those lately). If it's the first thing I see on someone's blog, yes, it becomes distracting, sorry to say.

Otherwise, I think your blog is great and appreciate the great recipes. I don't think it's wrong to give constructive criticism - just know it's sent with honesty and a hug.

TeaLady said...

WHAT popups??? Nothing here but great food and wonderful ideas.

Anonymous said...

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