Monday, November 23, 2009

Apple Pie in a Brown Bag

I'd like you to meet someone. It's your new favorite pie. If you've never heard of a Brown Bag Apple Pie, think of a simple vanilla spiked pat-in crust, a luscious cinnamon laced apple filling covered with a buttery streusel topping, all baked inside of a paper grocery bag so that it gently steams and the sugars carmelize. This is "THE" apple pie, the one you'll be making again and again. It's the pie everyone will be requesting for years to come. It's the pie that sent reader "Lucky" on a wild goose chase (or should I say pie chase?) through Ohio. Here's what she wrote in the comment section
"Brown bag apple pie! I can't wait! My husband once sent us on a chase all through Ohio Amish country looking for one because he had seen it on some news segment years ago...the only clue he had was that it should only take a tank of gas to get there from Cleveland and you buy the pie from a restaurant on a hill. We found it, but it would be much easier if I could make one at home!"
Oh, yes. You can make it at home and save yourself a tank of gas in the process.
But I also wanted to share this pie for my cousin Julie, who was hunting for a good recipe. I didn't know cousin Julie very well growing up, when we were only a few minutes apart geographically. I was an obnoxious, wild maniac kind of short haired, tough-skin kid, and Julie was wise and reserved, hiding under a brown bag of shyness. I saw glimmers growing up, but I really didn't know how hilarious, witty, open, deep-thinking, inspiring, and intelligent Julie was. Now I know, so she's stuck with me in her blogging backpocket for life. Prudy plus cousin Julie, BFFs. See for yourself, right here.
And now for Lucky, Julie, and the rest of you all, let's make that pie. This is the world's simplest crust; just grab a clean-handed nearby kid to press it into the pan for you. These are Sailor's hands. Sometimes I use her hands in pictures and readers think that they are my hands. Mine are old and haggard and they are coming up in later pictures. I don't want to take credit for young, nubile hands.
Next you peel and prep the apples, coating them with cinnamon and sugar. Pour it into your crust and pat it down. These are the old hands I was telling you about, the ones that need Palmolive Madge to come over and give her some pointers.
Sprinkle the topping over the apples. Place the pie in a brown bag. Ask your grocer for a plain brown bag, or use an old paper gift bag. Secure the bag with staples and place the bagged pie on a cookie sheet. Bake for two hours without peeking. Peel back the bag.
Watch out for steam and bubbling, caramelized juices.
Don't wait for Turkey day; devour it on the spot. You can always make another one.
Apple Pie in a Brown Bag
Estimated Cost: $5.00
Notes: Position your rack to the lowest spot in the oven.
1 and 1/2 cups flour
1/2 cup vegetable oil
2 teaspoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 tablespoons milk

5 medium baking apples, peeled, cored, and thinly sliced ( I like Granny Smith for this pie.)
2tablespoons all purpose flour
1/3 cup sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
pinch nutmeg

3/4 cup flour
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup cold butter, cut into bits
Preheat oven to 350. Blend all crust ingredients in a large bowl. Pat into nine inch dish. Wipe out bowl with paper towel. Blend filling ingredients in same bowl. Pour into pie crust and pat apples down. Wipe out same bowl with paper towels. Combine flour and sugar for topping in same bowl. Cut in butter with pie cutter or knives. Sprinkle over apples in pie. Place pie in brown bag. Staple bag shut or secure with paper clips and place on cookie sheet . Bake on lowest rack in preheated oven at 350 for two hours. NO PEEKING. Also, PLEASE make sure that your bag is not touching the sides or top of the oven. There may be a slight paper burning smell, and that's just fine. Remove from oven and let stand for ten minutes. Carefully remove from bag, watching out for steam. Serve nice and warm, if possible, or make it a day early and reheat it by the slice in the microwave.
PS Last night it was daring and dashing West, so I didn't have to make any cumbersome appearances behind him on stage. I wore a long, dark winter coat, just in case. If you don't understand a word I just said, scroll down and read yesterday's post.
PSS There are only THREE days left to vote at French's. Click here. And bless your little ol' voting hearts.
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Jillian K. said...

Thanks! I can't wait to make this!

Prudy said...

Lucky-I just remembered the error that you requested I fix. Sorry that I didn't fix it sooner! I hope you like the pie.

Seth and Julie said...

Hooray! Thank you! Can you tell me and Lucky were camped out waiting for this one?

I am making it tonight. Don't worry, I will make it again for Thanksgiving too. You should also know that I am following your step by step turkey tutorial. My first bird ever! Your pictures looked so yummy that I had to let go of the carcass fear and go for it!

Much thanks for your kind words and yummy recipes. Happy Thanksgiving from your BFF. :)

P.S. Yay for daring West!

Brent and Tracie said...

Looks great. Apple pie is my favorite of all favorites.

I do have a Thanksgiving question. It is just my hubby, me, our toddler and infant so we aren't making a large turkey. I purchased a frozen whole turkey breast and was thinking of cooking it in the crockpot. Do you have any general suggestions or specific seasoning suggestions? I haven't found a recipe yet.


Amanda said...

I've heard of this before but never tried it, looks so good! That plate is just stunning :)

The JR said...

Good for West.

That pie looks good. I need more friends. This looks like a good one to have.

Michal said...

prudy, i've always coveted your hands. they are so pretty and soft and brown with tapered fingers and perfect fingernails.:)

i think i'll have to make this pie. i'm doing only apple this year (my mom is doing the others) but i'll do a few apple . . . and this one is calling me to make it.

thanksgiving questions? i'm wondering about a new sweet potato recipe. something that doesn't compete with dessert in sweetness. any ideas?

Katie and Mark said...

MMmmmm...I don't think I have ever heard of, or tried, this tasty looking pie. It seems so simple-I bet I can even do this one! :)

Two nghts ago, I did make your Fried Chicken Drummies, and they were a HIT! We loved them. I even made them with your homemade biscuits, but I'd rather not talk about those! :) I had two firendly little "helpers" whowere MORE then happy to help me "pat" out my dough. My biscuits came out more like cookies...or tiny pancakes (although they were still delicious)!

Thanks for all of these great recipes. I am having SO much fun trying to learn how to cook. You would crack up if you could see me. I am cooking with Grayson and Brooklynne either on step stools or on my hip, with my phone in my hand, and your blog on it's screen.

I love it! :)

Julie Harward said... are such a gem! I have cooked all my life (since age 12...I am 59) I can cook anything but have never really baked a lot of pies. This I love, I'm wondering if this could be doubled and baked in a 9x13 pan too?!...I am going to make 2 of them for our Thanksgiving dinner! Thanks so much~Come say hi :D

Catherine said...

This is the apple pie that my family has made for as long as I can remember. I think my mom still has the original magazine page from when she tore it out in the 70's. I've never met anyone outside my family that makes it this way. My hubby loves the shock effect when our friends & family see me putting a paper bag in the oven. It's truly not Thanksgiving or Christmas unless we have this pie!

Emily said...

Yum! I've never heard of baking an apple pie in a bag before, but it looks wonderful.

Christina said...

Yum! I once saw a similar recipe, but once the timer went off, you turned off the oven and left the pie inside. You didn't peek until morning. It was called something silly like surprise cake.

Seth and Julie said...

Alright, you should have a million bajillion comments by now because I have a million bajillion more hits than usual on my blog today, all coming in from right here. I bet they are all so disappointed to find that I am just a mommy blogger.

And since I am back again I should tell you that I ran to make your pie this morning and almost cried to find that I didn't have a paper bag. I switched over to those darn green bags recently. But not to worry, Seth is on his way home and we are heading straightaway to the store to finish our Thanksgiving shopping and I will be requesting, Paper Please!

Prudy said...

Mommy:I'm thankful for YOU!


Jen H. said...

I made this pie today. YUM. It was great.

I have to say, though, that I will probably keep making your Brown Sugar and Oatmeal Crumbly Apple Bars as an apple pie alternative, instead. I can't get enough of those bars!--we eat them warm with vanilla ice cream and they're like apple pie only even better. I am addicted to them. I have shared that recipe with several people who also adore the bars.

Prudy said...

I'm CRAZY about those bars. Oh, now that you've mentioned them, I have to make them today too. Thanks for baking and enjoying! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Prudy said...

Julie, my friend, I'm going to do the same thing. Absolutely bake it in a 9 by 13. I'll come over to say hi on your blog today some time. Thanks for all your support, sweet friend.

MK and Co. said...

This recipe is a gem. My favorite time I made this was the first time when I turned the brown bag inside out as the instructions called for. The pie was a snap but turning a brown bag inside out without tearing it created quite a workout. It was worth the laugh I had later when I discovered that this step was not needed and that you dear Prudy had made the same mistake as me. I will never do that again but this pie was luckily definitely worth it! Thanks Prudy!

Katrina said...

That's cool. My husband would freak out that it would catch on fire.

Anonymous said...

I just baked this amazing pie!! So delicious!! Thanks for this recipe.

Prudy said...

My husband is on high alert the entire time. Me, I sit back and relax because I know it works just fine.

Michal said...

i just baked this with my boys plus one neighbor kid, who was very concerned about the bag catching fire. but now they are all drooling as they smell it bake! thanks, prudy!

val5464 said...

So Luke and I put the pie together earlier and it is in the oven as we speak(more like as I write)! Funny, my husband was also concerned about the bag catching fire. Thanks for this recipe. I never thought I would bake a pie because I was too intimidated by the crust rolling. Pathetic, I know! Anyway, this was so easy and Luke had a lot of fun helping.

Have a good Thanksgiving tomorrow.

brandee williams said...

I made this pie for Thanksgiving and I LOVED IT!!!! Which is saying a lot because I usually don't like apple pie. I will be making this pie again - SOON! :)

Jerri at Simply Sweet Home said...

That looks yummy! Thanks for sharing.

Jen said...

that looks sooooooooooooooooooooo good!

dena said...

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Anonymous said...

I had my husband make this pie and it was incredible. He wanted to make an Apple Pie and I had been wanting to try this one since you posted it. It was the best apple pie we had ever eaten. We will definitely have it on our Thanksgiving menu.

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