Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Weekend Report

Hello Monday morning. How are ya?
Well, this weekend was full of all of life's goodness. It makes me smile just to think about it. I'm grinning. And it's Monday morning. (Those two things usually do not peacefully coexist.) But we've had a grand weekend over here.

Friday night, Sailor had a violin graduation concert in town. Henceforth, she will no longer use Suzuki book Three, but is officially a Book Four student, even though she's just about finished with Book Four too. But we'll have to wait for fall 2010 for that graduation. Here she is with the other graduates. And with her teacher, who just happens to be the greatest violin teacher a kid could ever ask for. And here's a 30 second very dark video for those of you have an extra 30 seconds on a Monday morning.

This weekend was also our town's fall festival, "Swiss Days" to honor the bright eyed pioneers who settled this sweet little valley village. The main thoroughfare is lined with colorful cows, painted by local residents in a show of support for the community. On Saturday morning, my little Sailor dressed in her official costume, purchased in Switzerland last fall, and got ready for the big parade. Here she is standing in front of our cow Lullabelle. And here she comes. And there she goes. West, for the record, had no interest in donning liederhausen just to be admired by the crowds. No, no. He preferred to collect candy along the parade route.

Back at home.... I switched over our summer decorations for Fall/Halloween. And if Halloween is coming, then I better keep working on Sailor's costume. She asked to be a Mary Engelbreit witch. What is a Mary Engelbreit witch? I don't have a picture; I'm just going with the idea of a cute little witchy-poo. This is my second witch dress in as many weeks. The first one looked like a scratchy Grapes or Wrath pionner witch dress. This is just the latest version.

On Saturday night, my sister and her family of six came into town for a visit. We ate grilled steak tacos. It would be my last dinner if I had to go before a firing squad. Hands down.

And on Sunday, Sailor sang in church, West gave a talk, the Quiet Man said a quiet prayer, and I played the piano.

So now it's Monday, and I can look back and smile. Because if I look forward, I have this little bit of chaos waiting for me. This is what the kid's were doing while I was sewing and decorating and humming contentedly. The call it "The Spooky Hallway." I call it disaster, but I think I can take the long way around the house for another week or two.

Be back tomorrow with

Tuesdays with Dorie


VeggieGirl said...

Stellar weekend, dear Prudy!!

Love the "Spooky Hallway," haha ;)

Adrienne said...

Eeee what a cute hallway!Congrats to little Sailor.

gigi said...

What a fun filled and packed weekend for your family! The festival sounds fun and the fact that the whole family and town gets involed is awesome.
Way to go Sailor, almost finished her #4 book!! I've got a niece and nephews that play the violin so I know of the hard work.
Prudy, I'm proud of you too :) because I didn't think you liked to sew or play the piano in public?? Way to meet the challenge head on :)
Have a wonderful week!

The Japanese Redneck said...

You daughter is a beautiful little girl. Glad you had such a great weekend.

Love all the pictures.


Catherine said...

What a busy weekend! How exciting for Sailor girl. What a grown up piece for such a little person! Her costume looks adorable and your tacos look delicious! We've been loving all the comments that Sailor has been leaving fo us.

Leslie said...

Prudy, you are amazing!
It all looks wonderful, creative, fun, and impressive.
I love that you're already ready for Halloween in September.
(I am, too and so is Laurie! hee-hee.) I ORDERED Annie's costume on Saturday, though, so you're way ahead of the game, sewing away.
Sailor's costume is adorable. I think you should send in a picture to Mary Englebreit at Home Companion. You really should.)

I went and did my Visiting Teaching today, and my friend's house was already ready for Halloween, too. I told her I love it.

Also, I taught RS yesterday, and my sweet neighbor, MJB paid you and our family the kindest compliment. She talked about your blog, and afterward women asked for your blog site, and a few already knew all about it, and had know idea we were sisters! So, now you have a growing fan club in Murrieta.

Tell Sailor she's amazing. I noticed she was the littlest violinist. She's doing so well, Erin.
I'm glad you had a fun weekend, and Swiss Day, and know I am so sad I wasn't there to eat one of your delicious tacos.
Mmmmmmm, tacos. My Favorite-favorite!

Leslie said...

I am laughing at how long my comment was!
Clearly, I am back to commenting, hypergraphically!
Oh, well. It's my idea of fun!

Tanji said...

The Spooky Hallway!!! I can't believe it's already been a year! Your weekend sounds amazing and very fulfilling. This weekend I went to Ikea, a surprise party, and church. That's it. I didn't even do any laundry. You are an amazingly inspirational friend, Miss Prudy!

Lisa said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! Festivals like that must be so nice.

Aunt Spicy said...

Okay, that witch dress is adorable! You are a superstar at costumes! Thanks for the Swiss days pictures, my Mom was a little sad she had to miss it this year.

DeltaWhiskey said...

Yum. Yum. Yum. You know me, the tacos...

Sounds like you had the same jam-packed weekend I had. I love those weekends even though they can be a bit exhausting.


Marie said...

What a wonderful festival Erin! Love the cows and your little girl looks so sweet in her costume! I also love the Halloween costume. I think a Mary Englebreit witch must just be an extra special sweet witch.

JenMarie said...

Just came across your blog and saw the violin video... aw, brings back such memories!
I played from about age 6 to 16. And that was one of my favorite songs! Congrats to your little one!
God Bless!

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