Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Time to Chill and Eat Blackberry Pufflets

I have a problem. It's this: whenever a recipe says "Let chill" for any length of time, be it long or short, I know that I won't obey. I can't acquiesce. I get antsy, rebellious, and resentful. I want what I want when I want what I want. You see, I just can't chill.
And maybe it is a metaphor for my life, too. I want what I want when I want what I want. I move forward with gusto. Even when chilling might be a better option. Even when the outcome would improve if I would just hang back a little and demonstrate some patience. But then again.....sometimes, when you ignore the rules and refuse to chill, it comes out just fine. Once in a while it even comes out divine.
Such was the case for today's TWD assignment for cottage cheese pufflets. A tender cottage cheese dough is patted down (chilled)-rolled out (chilled)-filled with jam (chilled) and baked. Adorable and supremely delicious baby-soft tartlets are the outcome. Nothing was lost for my impatience. They will warm the cockles of your heart, and quickly too if you don't chill. You must go here for the recipe, and you WILL want this recipe.
Follow it exactly, unless you don't want to. Move forward with gusto, and the reward will be sweet. Although, you might want to take a moment to relax when you bite in.
Mmmm. Blackberry Pufflets. And life, too. Chilling is optional.
Next Up:
Sweet and Sticky Chicken Wings for Football Games
PS Thanks to all my readers for the crossword help (see below). You're all smarter than I am. You guessed Rita Moreno, and you were right. You better believe I'll be asking for help again this week.


VeggieGirl said...

I can't wait for dough to chill either, haha - no worries!! :) I love the looks of the pufflets.

Jennifer said...

After all of the sticky stories, I decided I'd have to wait for my dough to chill! It was worth it! (Then I had to wait for the pufflets to cool. good grief!)

Your pufflets look wonderful!

Anonymous said...

loved the story

will try the puffs

jenjen said...

Wow - those pufflets look divine! I will have to try those out. Thanks Prudy!


ostwestwind said...

Your cookies looks great and blackberry sounds tasty!

Ulrike @K├╝chenlatein

The Japanese Redneck said...

My husband would really love those. Blackberry is one of his favorites.


Signs and Salvage said...

Oh...thos look delightful!! I am ready for a little plate full...a cup of tea and a good book!!!

Flourchild said...

I have a hard time chilling too..that's why I make sure I have some where to go while it's chillin! Your pufflets look very good and tasty!

Lisa said...

When I saw cottage cheese I was hoping low fat. When I checked out the recipe and saw the 2 sticks of butter, I just thought of how delicious they must be:)

taffi said...

I have about 10 gallons of frozen blackberries in my freezer. You can bet I'll be trying this recipe!

Ade said...

I agree with the previous poster, what is up with the 2 sticks of buttah? There's got to be a way to scale back on that. Otherwise I would love the protein content.

Prudy said...

It's way too much, I agree. I made a half batch so at least there'd be less to have around. But oh were they good.

Jacque said...

LOL, here's to not chilling or taking time to chill out.

Wow, your pufflets look perfect! I want to make them again, just seeing yours.

Thanks for baking along this week :)

Anonymous said...

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