Monday, December 27, 2010

What to do after Christmas.

How was it, everybody? Was Christmas everything you hoped it would be with sugar on top? We had a lovely, happy day around here. We did everything in slooooooooow motion to make the magic last. We spent four and 1/2 hours opening presents. Don't worry-it's not because we spent our retirement on a million presents. Everything we opened, we stopped and played with together. Slowly. With enthusiasm. And patience. We put together A Hello Kitty puzzle, played Star Wars Guess Who, banged on West's drumset, dressed up Sailor's doll, read a chapter in West's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and another chapter in Sailor's "Sisters Grimm, then "designed a dress for Sailor's fashion studio, used West's science kit to make laboratory snow, doodled in Sailor's sketchbook, read Far Side comics, and rollerskated up and down the neighborhood in between. I'm doing it this way from here on out. Of course, there's nothing new to do today since we've already done it all. We can solve that. It was unforgettable. And sweet. And very, very Merry. Hope yours was too (with sugar on top).
Today I'm browsing around Blogher and I'm hoping you'll do the same. They've got an incredible prize for a lucky someone who comes poking around: A full conference pass to BlogHer Food11 in Atlanta, Georgia. Click here to peruse and enter. You can't win it if you're not in it. So give it a go!
But there are so many reasons, not just the chance of a prize, to check out Blogher. They've got expert advice, light hearted stories, discussion panels, recipes-you name it. If you're thinking of starting a blog, they'll help you get there. If you've got a blog, but you'd like it to be better (um, me), they've got writing pointers for bloggers. They've got their Month of Features page, which aptly highlights sidedishes (jalapeno creamed corn!) for December and will switch to Health and Fitness for January. Speaking of January, if you need a shot in the arm during the bleakest month, check out the Kids Give me Hope feature for some sweet warm fuzzies. I dare you not to smile. My favorite new feature I saved for last. Own Your Own Beauty is a movement to redefine what beauty looks like. This month's theme: Creativity.Real women are standing up for authentic beauty that comes from within-not the kind that comes in a bottle, a bag, or a plastic surgeon's chair. I love the motto: "We are the beautiful people. All women. Everyone of us. And that's Amazing." Be part of the change. Check out some of the posts, tips, and pictures. Take the pledge to Own Your Own Beauty. I'm doing it because I have to raise my daughter in this image obsessed world. We can help be part of the change for the next generation.
There's something for you to do today while the kids are using up their batteries and showing off their Christmas loot. I promise that it's much more fun than taking down Christmas trees and throwing away wrapping paper. That can all wait till tomorrow. Or never.
Be back tomorrow with Jalapeno Popper Dip. Thats right you heard me.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the good ideas. It sounds like your Christmas was great. Can't wait for your new recipes!

Anonymous said...

You always have the best suggestions. I will certainly try some of these after-Christmas boredom cures. THANKS!

Michal said...

sounds lovely. we had a nice christmas "with sugar on top", too. way, way too much sugar. i am almost ready to give up sugar for a month. almost. give me a few more days. by the time it is january, i'll be ready:)

The Japanese Redneck said...

Sounds like the kids got some creative and neat XMAS presents.