Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our Pint Sized Fencing Champ

This is why we didn't leave for vacation on Wednesday. We wanted to be sure our West could make it to his last fencing class. He wakes up happy on Tuesdays, knowing that before nightfall, he will be lunging, thrusting, and bravely jabbing epees at his giant opponents. After years of light saber play, it's good to see him turn his boyish interest into a legitimate talent. Since there will be no more fencing class until September, I brought along my camera to catch my young Jedi in action. I've appreciated the patience and kindness of the other fencers, who call him buddy and tousle his hair, just like I do. He's the youngest in his class by at least five years, and by a few decades in some cases. He can be irksome, fidgety, and pesty, I know. But he can also be loveable, kind-hearted and incredibly focused, if only in spurts. So, imagine my surprise when West received a trophy for second place on the electrical equipment. He looked very noble and serious when he arose to receive the honor, followed by other fencers who also received trophies, ribbons, and certificates. At the end of the ceremony, there was still one tall trophy left on the table. The fencing master rose and explained that the last trophy was a special award presented to the most valuable fencer in class. I'm not sure who was the most shocked when our young charge's name was called. It's a tingly tie between me, the Quiet Man, and West himself. I don't really believe he deserved it. He's getting to be a good fencer; it's true, but it doesn't hurt that he's the smallest in the class. His fencing master told the others in his regal French accent, "You see thees boy? In three years, thees leettle boy will beat all of you!" I hope so, because that would mean in three years that he would still be fencing. Even if he didn't really deserve it, I'm awfully proud of him. In any case, West was flying high from all the hulaballoo and wanted to race home to tell his Grandpa all about it. If anything good ever happens for you, my dad is the guy you want to tell. He makes you feel like he already believed it about you anyway, that he was just waiting for everyone else to figure it out. Oh, the men in my life; how I love them!
The next morning, West reluctantly bid his trophies good-bye, and we caught a plane to Providence, Rhode Island. We've been bumping around the gorgeous steeple-lined city, and also Newport where we ambled along the stunning cliff paths on the Mansion Walk. We're spending the weekend in Boston (first stop, Pizzeria Regina). Pictures, recipes, stories, and irrelevant minutia to come. Have a great weekend everybody.
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Best Ever Lemon Blueberry Muffins


Tanji said...

Yay for West! That's great! I'll be in Palmyra next week. So close to Boston, but still so far away. :( Maybe we'll see you this Summer in your quaint & scorching little town.

gigi said...

Oh Prudy, this was such a feel good post about your West! It just touched my heart the way you just bubble over with love for your son and family. I would have loved to have seen the looks on all of your faces when his name was called! I bet it was priceless :)
Have a wonderful vacation! We are heading out Sat. Morning ourselves. Can't wait to skip town :)

Boracay beach resort said...

Congratulations i know u did have had fun for this activity.. i can imagine how happy you are for your son..

Rindy R said...

How exciting! What a gentleman's sport. We just had our school's awards ceremony and I completely understand that exuberance you feel when your child's name is called. At this point I totally expect to see his name at the Olympics in a few years! No pressure!

Prudence said...

I wish we had some kind of fencing class in our area. My jedi would love it!

The Blonde Duck said...

That's so marvelous! I'm sure he did deserve it!

Michal said...

congrats to west! he is so adorable and serious in the photos. i have got to get my boys into a fencing class. they would eat it up.

can't wait to hear about your east coast escapades. miss you.

Clumbsy Cookie said...

So cute!!! Way to go little one!

Anonymous said...

Good job West. I'm very very very proud of my best pal. Signed Reeve

Anonymous said...

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