Saturday, April 26, 2008

Super Fast Spice Rubbed Chicken

It happens at least once a week. I'm desperate for dinner, short on time, and my inspiration seems to consistently fade right around 5:45 PM. This is why I try to plan ahead, but at least once a week, my menu hits a snag. Somehow the whole family knows when I'm floundering at dinnertime. Some little someone is usually reminding me of how hungry they are, and that they will soon need a ride to violin, or piano, or ballet, or some other wonderful something that requires a full stomach for maximum creativity. Thankfully, my husband has learned not to ask if there will be anything for dinner. Those words have been the cause of at least 372 major world battles, I'm pretty sure. If you're like me, you need this chicken recipe. It's as fast as lightening and absolutely mouthwateringly good. Basically you're going to slap on some spices and grill, pan fry or broil that chicken, searing the outside with all the pungent spices. And please make extra. Two nights from now you're going to have chicken sandwiches, or chicken tacos, or chicken pasta, or chicken salad or chicken pitas or....chicken sundaes. All right, maybe not chicken sundaes, but the point is, cook extra now. When your grocery store has boneless skinless chicken breasts on sale, (mine has them for $1.77/lb.) please buy as many are your freezer can fit. Then pray that you never have a power outtage.
Super Fast Spice Rubbed Chicken
Estimated Cost: $2.25
1 lb. boneless, skinless chicken (breasts, thighs, tenderloins)
1/2 teaspoon each:
chili powder (you can use chipotle for smokiness)
paprika (you can use smoked for more smokiness)
garlic powder
2 tablespoons brown sugar
Ideally, you're going to add all your spices to a bowl, mix them up and sprinkle them on the chicken. I said ideally. What I really do is grab the spices out of the cupboard, sprinkle them on one side of the chicken, rub it in, flip it over and repeat. Please don't measure and use your favorite spices, of course. Now, preheat a grill (indoor or outdoor) a saute pan or the broiler. You want a good high heat. Spray your cooking surface with no stick cooking spray, or add a bit of oil. Grill or saute for about 6 minutes per side. Broil on a foil lined cookie sheet about six inches from the source for about five minutes per side. Always check the center to be sure it is no longer pink. Let rest for five minutes.


Anonymous said...

This looks great! I can't wait to try it out on all my little carnivores. Thanks for sharing Prudy.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I LOVE your music!

Mary Kate said...

What a great song! I love it! By the way I will be coming over on June 13th and I love chocolate so.....

mercy said...

I really love your writing style. It's charming (perhaps b/c you're a fellow English prof?) ... and your food looks delicious & easy. Looks like I've got another website for my "rounds"! (Saw your link on Camilla's enlightened cooking blog)

Tracy said...

Love the theme and design of the new blog! Very retro! Will be back!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Every woman needs these quick recipes. This looks yummy!

Prudy said...

Catte and MK-thanks for the sisterly comments. Come back tomorrow and the next day too, OK?

Prudy said...

Thanks so much for the kind words and for the visit. I can't decide if you just had a
c-section/circumcision, or if you were only the friend on the phone with Camilla. I suppose I should congratulate you either way, for having a baby or a hilarious friend. You are welcome here under either or both conditions!

Prudy said...

I'm glad you made it! I love your blog about good food in good old up state. Now, I just need to make your cheesecake pops and banana bread.

Marilene said...

delicious recipe! I can't wait to make something with my leftovers too!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

THANK YOU!!! I needed something different, quick, with all ingredients on hand. This was so yummy and even my chicken hater cleaned her plate.